Photo of me, Andrew Davies

Interactive Design, Design Direction & Front End Development

15 years working for award winning agencies, and award receiving clients

To work closely with clients to produce forward thinking, effective, clean, design solutions that deliver to objectives and make things better

Personal Details
Skill Set

  • Tesco PLC

    2012 Winner:

    Best Corporate Website

    (Digital Impact Awards)


    2011 Nomination:

    Best Sports Website

    (Webby Awards)

  • Small Luxury Hotels

    2010 Winner:

    Worlds Leading Luxury Hotel Brand Website

    (World Travel Awards)

  • Mothercare

    2008 - 2009 Winner:

    Best Shopping Website

    (Mother & Baby Awards)

  • T-Mobile

    2007 Winner:

    Online Retailer of the Year

    (Mobile Choice Awards)


Ravensbourne College of Design & Education '94 - '97

3 years B.A. Honours Course

Visual Communication Design

Design placement in Bates Cambodia

De Monfort University (Bedford) '92 - '94

2 year Foundation & B.T.E.C Design:

Graphic Design

Design Student of the Year

What people have said (via linkedin)

Jon Herbert
Creative Manager at Pentland Brands

'... Andy is one of those hard to find Senior Creative Designers with skills in both Digital and Traditional Media. These well-rounded skills formed to create a fusion of conceptual web design and creative use of front-end development technologies.'

Paula Fanning
Head of Design at ITV Studios

'... He is proactive and is a great communicator so you always know were you stand with him which is really important in a hectic environment like ITV. Andy is rock solid and i would back him up 100%.'

Matt Johnson
Developer at Government Digital Service

'... here's a designer who, along with the usual creative nous and flair you'd expect, possesses an almost hyper-real capacity for sheer accuracy and detail.

As a front end web developer, I've always found Andy's work to be in that zen state where "nothing is off" - can't say better than that.'

  • Living and working for Bates Worldwide in Cambodia at the age of 21
  • Being awarded the Best Design Student of the Year of my BTEC course
  • Working with Bruno Maag on my typeface for blueyonder
  • Being featured in .Net magazine
  • Having my work and portfolio showcased on numerous sites
  • Getting married in Las Vegas by Elvis
  • My little boy Sonny Bear

10.2014 - present / Freelance Interactive Design, Design Direction, Front End Prototyping & UX

  • Freelance interaction design, design direction, user experience & front end development.
  • Contracted for: Investis, Positive Digital, Jack Wills & Vodafone
  • Clients: WWE, OnmiArch, BTG, Jack Wills, Vodafone

01.2015 - 05.2015 / UK Digital Design Director, Wipro Digital

  • Consulting role including management of a small team for digital propositions, working with Service Design, User Experience, Creative Technology directors to produce bespoke research, design, development & prototypes. Conceptual pitches including UX, IA, testing, UI, prototyping and creative direction.

03.2012 - 10.2014 / Lead Interactive Designer & Front End Dev, Pentland Brands

Redesign of ecommerce website

Redesign of ecommerce website

Complete overhaul of CSS:,,

Daily design management of all design and front end development for,,,

  • Engaged with stakeholders at all levels of the oranisation to ensure consistancy of design across all channels.
  • Led wireframe & design workshops aligning internal brand resourcing and 3rd party solution integration parties.
  • Designed and developed front end CRM tool (Oracle / RightNow).
  • Led design elements for user acceptance testing for internal project teams.
  • Interaction design, user interface design, art direction, brand consultation, user experience, wire framing, front end development.
  • Lead role in design, development of Speedo, Berghaus, Boxfresh & Kickers eCommerce sites. Responsible for all visual updates, SVN version control, all CSS file management, updates and consistant design approach to EMEA sites.
  • Brand facing, 3rd party liaison, project management and self managing.

08.2010 - 03.2012 / Freelance Interactive Designer & Art Director

  • Freelance interaction design, art direction, brand consulting, user experience, front end development.
  • Contracted for: ORM, ITV studios, IRIS Worldwide, Grand Union, Pentland Brands.
  • Clients: IOKO, Pixel Group, ITV, Channel 4, TFL, RBS, Sony Ericsson, Tesco, Speedo, Berghaus, Kickers, Boxfresh.

10.2009 - 08.2010 / Senior Designer, Fortune Cookie

  • Design and Lead design, brand / style guidelines creation, user interface design, user experience, AB / MV testing.

09.2007 - 10.2009 / Senior Designer, Design UK

07.2006 - 09.2007 / Senior Designer, Complete Communications

08.2002 - 07.2006 / Team Manager & Lead Designer, Telewest Communications

07.2001 - 08.2002 / Interaction Designer, Telewest Communications

04.2000 - 06.2001 / Senior Designer, The Escape Design Company

07.1998 - 04.2000 / Designer, Firbank Kempster Integrated Communications

02.1998 - 06.1998 / Designer, Motorcycle News

12.1996 - 06.1997 / Designer / Production Assistant, BBC

05.1996 - 10.1996 / Lead Designer, Bates Cambodia

Working Methodologies

Understand the requirement. Discuss what needs to be achieved to answer the requirement, plan a deliverable that can be realised that answers both user and business objectives.


Conceptualise, moodboard, personas, sketches, scamps, wireframes, information architecture, decks, design mock-ups, online prototypes, template, annotate, accessibility & usability focus.


Develop, comment, code smart, allow for changes, use best practice techniques (when applicable), structure files, prepare for handover & continued work. Check, check & check again. Learn from your mistakes.


… and evolve with technological advances, user requirements & business objectives … User testing, A/B testing, MV testing, user feedback, collating & reviewing existing data, tracking & analytics.